Administrator Review

Academic Governance By-laws, Section 2.1, on Unit Academic Administrators, states the following:

"Chairpersons, directors, and deans shall be subject to regular review at intervals not to exceed five years. The College Advisory Council of each college shall have shared responsibility with the Provost to determine procedures for the review of deans. At intervals of not to exceed five years the dean shall review the reappointment of a chairperson or school director. A department or school faculty shall have shared responsibility with their dean on procedures for review of a chairperson or school director. There is no limit on the number of times an individual may be continued in the position of dean, chairperson, or school director. The same principle applies to deans and directors of separately reporting units. At any time during the term of office, the appointment of a dean, chairperson, or director, as dean, chairperson, or director may be terminated either by resignation or by action of the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the President and the Provost."

The schedule of review for academic deans and directors provides a list of relevant colleges and units, their deans or directors, their next review date, and the status of each review.