Issues Teams: Getting It Done


I want to thank all of those who responded to the call for nominees for the Issues Teams which will soon begin their work. The response was extraordinary. There were dozens and dozens of well-qualified individuals, many more than could be accommodated in this first round of work. I am hopeful that as we move forward, there will continue to be as much interest in working on the teams that will “solve” the problems, as there was interest in “identifying” the problems. We will need the expertise of many more of you as we continue our work.

Four individuals agreed to convene the groups:  Juli Wade (Creating a Campus Environment to Support Interdisciplinary Work), Pam Whitten (Fostering a Healthier Campus), Karen Klomparens (Creating a Campus-Wide Strategy for Technology, Teaching, and Learning), and Doug Estry (Closing the Graduation Gap).

The groups are comprised of individuals who I hope represent various perspectives. Below are those who have been invited to serve. 

Creating a Campus Environment to Support Interdisciplinary Work

  • Juli Wade (Team Leader ) - Professor and Chair of Psychology, Professor of Zoology
  • Greg Fink - Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Interim Vice-President for Clinical Research
  • Doug Gage - Director, Interdisciplinary Research and Internal Grants, Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
  • Kay Holekamp - University Distinguished Professor of Zoology, Director of Ecology, Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Program
  • Ken Keegstra - University Distinguished Professor of Plant Biology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Scientific Director of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
  • Ed McGarrell - Professor and Director of Criminal Justice
  • Michael O’Rourke - Professor of Philosophy and AgBioResearch
  • Rob Pennock - Professor of History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science (HPS) in Lyman Briggs College
  • Jin-Hua Zhao -  Professor of Economics, Director of Environmental Science & Policy Program

 Fostering a Healthier Campus

  • Pam Whitten (Team Leader) - Dean, College of Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Nancy Allen - Health Promotion Services Integration Coordinator, University Physician's Office
  • Scott Becker - Associate Director, Counseling Center
  • Matt Helm - Student Life Assistant Director, Career Services and Placement
  • Dennis Martell - Health Education Service Coordinator, Olin Student Health Center
  • Rick McNeil - Director, Recreational Sports and Fitness Services
  • Mary Mundt - Dean, College of Nursing
  • Jim Pivarnik - Director, Center for Physical Activity and Health
  • John Powell - Associate Professor Athletic Training, Intramural Sports Circle
  • Ed Rosick - Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Dept. of Family and Community Medicine, College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Ann Ryan - Professor, Dept. of Psychology
  • Dean Sienko - Associate Dean, Prevention and Public Health, College of Human Medicine
  • Kami Silk - Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, College of Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Sandi Smith - Director of the Health and Risk Communication Center
  • Rick Ward - CEO, MSU HealthTeam

Creating a Campus-Wide Strategy for Technology, Teaching, and Learning

  • Karen Klomparens (Team Leader) - Associate Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School
  • Christine Geith - Assistant Provost & Exec. Director, MSUglobal
  • Jeffrey Grabill - Professor and Chair, Dept. of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures, College of Arts and Letters
  • Severin Grabski - Senior Faculty Advisor for Instructional Technology, Information Technology Services and Associate Professor, Dept. of Accounting & Info Systems
  • Karl Gude - Grahics Editor in Residence, School of Journalism, College of Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Brendan Guenther - Director, IT Services - Teaching and Learning
  • Gerd Kortemeyer - Associate Professor of Physics, Lyman Briggs College
  • Barbara Kranz - Director, Facilities Planning and Space Management, and Assistant Director, Office of Planning and Budgets
  • Punya Mishra - Professor & Director, Master's Program in Educational Technology, Educational Psychology and Educational Technology Program
  • Adán Quan - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anthropology
  • Stephen Thomas - Associate Director, Center for Integrative Studies; Assistant Professor, Zoology Dept.; and Assistant Curator, MSU Museum
  • Karen Vignare - Director of Customer Experience, MSUglobal
  • Steven Weiland - Professor, Dept. of Educational Administration

  Closing the Graduation Gap

  • Doug Estry (Team Leader) - Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • John Ambrose - Office of Admissions - Associate Director
  • Jerry Caldwell - Drew Laboratory - Director
  • Dorinda Carter - Teacher Education - Associate Professor
  • Margaret Chen - Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions - Student Services Coordinator
  • Lauren Gaines - Communication Arts and Sciences - Advising Specialist
  • David  Kirkland - Writing, Rhetoric & American Culture - Associate Professor
  • Jim Lucas - Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education - Assistant Dean
  • Kelly High McCord - Residence Education - Engagement Center Manager
  • Kelly Millenbah - Agricultural and Natural Resources - Associate Dean
  • Kristen Renn - Education Administration - Professor
  • Karen Reynolds - College of Natural Science - Advising Specialist
  • Terry Viau - Nursing - Associate Dean
  • Aurles Wiggins - Office of Supportive Services - Director

Issues Teams will meet for a relatively brief time and create a set of recommendations, perhaps as short as a single page. Those 6-12 recommendations will become the basis for other working groups. There may be recommendations that move into Academic Governance, others that move into specialized units on campus, and others that can be worked through by newly created, cross-campus committees.

Thank you to all serving on the initial Issues Teams, and all who either volunteered to serve or who nominated others to serve.