Getting It Done


President Simon is leading the campus-wide discussion on Bolder by Design, helping us focus our collective institutional aspirations for the next few years. In my LEAD seminar last week, I made the case that there are four action agenda items that we need to develop to better position us for success:

  • Creating a campus-wide strategy for technology, teaching, and learning 
  • Creating a campus environment to support interdisciplinary work 
  • Closing the graduation gap 
  • Fostering a healthier campus

To that end, I proposed identifying four “Issues Teams” to generate a set of recommendations about what to do in each of those four areas. The Issues Teams won’t serve as the problem solvers, but the problem identifiers. Their roles will be to identify what needs to be attended to in each of these areas, so that we can then hand off those challenges to others who will work through the problem solutions and implementation strategies. 

I’m expecting that the work of each team will be fast and intense. Each team (8-12 people) will be comprised of those who come to the task with deep knowledge of or experience in the area, and of individuals with varying perspectives on the issues. The product of their work will be a set of recommended actions, not a lengthy thesis.

Issues Teams will be announced later this week. Their work will need to be completed by the end of the semester. It’s an aggressive goal, but I trust that we can move quickly to outline the “to do” list. I have appreciated the many nominations received to work on these teams.

Please check back for updates related to our progress as we work collaboratively to achieve our goals in these four areas.