In the same house


I’m pleased to welcome everyone to the start of fall semester 2014 at Michigan State University. Whether you’re returning for another year or just beginning your academic career, like you, I am looking forward to a year of discovery.

During fall semester, I plan to post a number of updates on key initiatives currently underway across campus. Among these initiatives are growing the faculty cohort and support for faculty, enhancing student success, fostering a healthier campus, expanding support for innovative teaching and learning, and enhancing STEM education efforts on campus. Please check back in mid-September for a post about the launch of a promising new collaboration of public research universities that MSU will be a part of, in an effort to increase the number and diversity of graduates from our high-quality institutions.

All of these key initiatives will require a significant amount of collaborative work and commitment from the entire MSU community. I have no doubt we can do that kind of work and make that kind of commitment. By working together for nearly 160 years, MSU’s community of scholars has continued to find innovative ways to advance the common good in uncommon ways. I have no doubt that legacy—and that commitment—will continue.

Those of you who attended any of Congressman John Lewis’s recent One Book, One Community speaking events, either on campus or in East Lansing, will no doubt remember his emphatic remarks about the obligation we all have to make the world a better place. As Congressman Lewis noted, regardless of race, background, or any label by which we are identified, “we are all one family; we all live in the same house.” In that spirit, I welcome you all to the MSU family, to our shared home, and to our vibrant community. Best wishes for a challenging and rewarding semester.