Movement, Recreation, and Fitness Exploratory Group


In an effort to identify potential ways to get all members of the MSU community to move more, and to thus improve their overall health and wellness, I recently convened the Movement, Recreation, and Fitness Exploratory Group. Members were invited from all areas of the MSU community and include faculty, students, staff, and two alums. The group began its work last month and will submit a final report of opportunities to me by the end of the semester.

The work of the group is to think about how we can create opportunities for our faculty, students, and staff to engage in activities that promote health and wellness through movement, recreation, and fitness. Its job is to identify opportunities—not to budget, and not to draft a strategic plan. The group has also been asked to identify who would be most supported by each opportunity, how big each opportunity’s impact would be, how feasible each opportunity would be, and to then give each opportunity a rating. Their list will then be reviewed and handed over to others who will move forward with planning and next steps.

In addition to its work as a full group, members are working in four subgroups, in order to more swiftly develop recommendations, and to play to each group member’s strengths. These four subgroups will provide recommendations in the following areas:

  1. Environment/Physical Spaces
  2. Policies and Procedures
  3. Programming/Inventory/Surveys
  4. Marketing/Branding/Incentives

I would like to thank group members for agreeing to serve, and I look forward to receiving their recommendations, which I will share after my review.

The group’s roster appears below.

  1. Jay Andreani, Senior, General Management; Club Sports Advisory Committee
  2. Cathy Burns, Office of the Provost Liaison, Executive Communications
  3. Eric Boatman, Assistant Director, Facilities Planning and Space Management, Office of Planning and Budgets
  4. Joe Carlson, Exploratory Group Leader; Associate Professor, Dept. of Radiology, College of Osteopathic Medicine; Division of SCVN; Joint Appointments: Human Nutrition & Kinesiology
  5. Kent Cassella, Associate VP for Communications and Senior PR Strategist, Communications and Brand Strategy
  6. Domonique Clemons, Senior, Public Policy Major; Student Body President, ASMSU
  7. Glenna DeJong, alum; Owner & President at GKD Enterprise
  8. Adrea Rose Donaldson, Senior, Kinesiology Major
  9. Tatum Goldufsky, Master’s student, Human Nutrition; Council of Graduate Students representative
  10. Theresa Guarino, Junior, Hospitality Business; Director of Special Events, Residence Halls Association 46th Session
  11. Andre Hutson, alum; President, Conquest Health and Fitness
  12. Greg Ianni, Deputy Director of Athletics, Intercollegiate Athletics
  13. Heather Mactaggart, Tennis Facility Manager, MSU Tennis Operations
  14. Rick McNeil, Director, Recreational Sports and Fitness Services
  15. Patty Oehmke, Associate Director (IM Sports West, Fitness Centers), Recreational Sports and Fitness Services 
  16. Jim Pivarnik, Professor of Epidemiology &Kinesiology; Director, Center for Physical Activity & Health; Director, Human Energy Research Laboratory, College of Human Medicine; Research Integrity Office, Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies
  17. Tim Potter, Sustainable Transportation Manager, MSU Bikes Service Center
  18. Terrance Range, Ph.D. student, Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education; Council of Graduate Students representative
  19. Edward Rosick, Director, Healthy Campus Initiative; Associate Professor, Health Programs Family and Community Medicine, College of Osteopathic Medicine 
  20. Lorenzo Santavicca, Sophomore, International Relations; Vice President of Academic Affairs, ASMSU
  21. Barbara Smith, Associate Dean for Research and Professor, College of Nursing
  22. Kristin Traskie, Community Health Associate, MSU Student Health Center
  23. Mike Vorkapich, Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and Director of Sport Science, Intercollegiate Athletics
  24. Dave Weismantel, University Physician, Office of the University Physician