Practicing Inclusion as a Matter of Institutional Habit


Chris Long, dean of the College of Arts and Letters, recently shared an insightful post, “Practicing Inclusion as a Matter of Institutional Habit,” on his blog, the Long View.

In his post, Dean Long explores how a university’s institutional commitment to diversity and inclusion can sometimes have unintended negative effects, such as causing individual members within a campus community to see diversity and inclusion as neither their job nor responsibility. This often takes place when a central office is explicitly tasked with making inclusion a university priority—and others then disinvest, and disengage, in making inclusion a priority in their daily work.

Dean Long’s post should be read broadly by members of the MSU community, as a reminder of the shared work we each need to cultivate every day, regardless of position or title, in embodying MSU’s commitment to inclusion.

Please take the time to read it, here.