Leadership development across campus


How is “leadership” defined across the University? Are there common expectations across different work environments? How do we make progress in creating a culture where all staff, faculty, post-docs, and student employees are supported? How do we ensure a diverse and inclusive pipeline of future leaders?

These questions are at the heart of conversations among a group of MSU administrators and members of their staffs who are working together in support of leadership development at MSU—building bridges across academic employees and support staff. Units engaged include the Academic Advancement Network, Academic Human Resources, Human Resources, Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, and Residential and Hospitality Services. This cross-unit effort is in response to the need for increased support for leadership development at MSU, at multiple levels, from emerging/potential leaders to mid- and senior-level administrators.

A central part of the group’s efforts involves addressing the need to clearly articulate what positive leadership means across the institution, and then creating strategies to develop an inclusive, diverse pipeline of motivated, well-trained leaders.

Those involved in this effort have identified a clear goal:  To create a framework to identify, develop, and motivate leaders who embrace MSU’s core values and are good stewards of the institution, especially its most important resources, its people. In support of this goal, the desired outcome is to foster a culture where leadership development is a priority and is supported across the entire campus community.

I am supportive of the group’s evaluation of and plan to address ways to improve leadership development at MSU. The units involved will continue to meet in the coming months. I’m thankful for their thoughtful and coordinated work and look forward to the outcomes of their shared efforts.