From the Provost's Desk

Table discussion feedback from Conversation with the Provost

I received a good deal of feedback from the February 20 Conversation with the Provost. I have gone through all of the table discussion notes and am thankful for the thoughtful ideas and suggestions that were shared regarding next steps. Some of the ideas discussed are being addressed via programs or initiatives that are already planned; others are aligned with work currently underway in the Office of the Provost and elsewhere on campus.

  •  The deans will be speaking with Interim President Engler about the presidential search in the near future; your feedback will be shared with them for use in that conversation.
  • Feedback related to survivor support will be submitted to the newly formed Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Expert Advisory Workgroup.
  • A need was identified to improve the climate for students of color and other minority groups; they need to feel care from faculty in and out of classroom. One effort underway involves the OIII program on inclusive classrooms. Information is available at on a range of topics, such as Setting up an Inclusive Classroom, and Strategies for Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom (PDFs are available on the webpage). As Juli Wade mentioned in her presentation at the start of the Feb. 20 Conversation, OIII is also offering a train-the-trainer program, so that individuals experienced in these topics can be available within each college.
  • Several suggestions were provided related to OIE. These included the need for clarification on reporting procedures and policies, as well as providing unit leaders with strategies for navigating a situation while an OIE investigation is being conducted, after one is completed, and in the event that a report to OIE does not rise to the level of a full investigation. AAN is working with OIE to provide training for department chairs and school directors on these issues. One session was held on February 22nd (primarily for new administrators); a second workshop open to all campus leaders, “Preventing and Responding to Incidents of Harassment and Discrimination,” is scheduled for March 20th.
  • The suggestion to increase staffing for student behavioral health is being addressed as several positions were immediately authorized for addition to our sexual assault response resources, including a new Sexual Assault Program staff member, two staffers for the Employee Assistance Program and several Counseling and Psychiatric Services vacancies.

Other ideas represent opportunities to create or coordinate new efforts.

 Across all of the table notes, three overarching themes emerged:

  1. Define and articulate our values as an institution
  2. Hold people accountable
  3. Increase communication and dissemination of information

In that spirit, I am sharing all of the table feedback and notes. As work progresses, I’ll provide updates, and we will share the updates and related materials via other venues across campus, as appropriate.