From the Provost's Desk

Launch of MSU Ideas website

The Office of the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services recently launched the new MSU Ideas website, which provides a platform for MSU faculty and staff to submit ideas, suggestions, feedback, and innovative thoughts surrounding all we do at MSU. This new platform gives members of the MSU community an easy and efficient way to share new ideas, or to participate in campus-wide exchanges related to new ideas.

Early this year at my LEAD session, participants shared feedback on five areas where their input is needed. Feedback and continued discussions during this past year have helped the University move forward in these areas. One of the five areas concerned identifying and then providing a way for members of the campus community to submit ideas that may involve research, innovation, or new initiatives.

My August update noted that feedback about how to best support the “big ideas” of faculty and staff had led to other conversations about the roles and functions of our current offices, and that we were taking that area “off the table” until we better understood current capacity. The new MSU Ideas platform represents solid, new progress in advancing this area. Many thanks to the Office of the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services in getting the site up and running, and for providing this new platform to members of our community.

To gain access to the MSU Ideas site, visit and click on the login button, utilizing your MSU NetID and password to gain access. First-time users will need to set up their profile, which includes some pre-populated EBS information. Your feedback related to setting up your profile, ease of use, and functionality is welcome; please send it to