WACP Membership List

2016-2017 Women's Advisory Committee to the Provost (WACP)


Dorcia Chaison 
Academic Staff
chaison@msu.edu, 355-0234
Agr. & Nat. Resources
121 Agriculture Hall
Term:  2016-2018

Joelyn DeLima
Graduate Student Rep.
Term:  2016-2017

Ayalla Ruvio
Pre-tenured Faculty
aruvio@msu.edu, 432-6429
356 Business College Complex
Term: 2014-2017

Pamela Smith
Fixed-Term Faculty
smithpr@msu.edu, 355-5504
410A Berkey Hall
Term:  2015-2018

Sandra Snow
Tenured Faculty
slsnow@msu.edu, 353-9118
College of Music
205 Music Practice Bldg.
Term:  2016-2018

Stephanie Valberg
Tenured Faculty
valbergs@cvm.msu.edu, 432-5630
Large Animal Clinical Sciences
D202 Veterinary Medical Center
Term:  2016-2018

Claire Vieille 
Tenured Faculty
vieille@cns.msu.edu, 884-5392 
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
6172 Biomedical Physical Sciences Bldg.
Term:  2015-2018


Theodore H. Curry II
thcurry@msu.edu, 353-5300
Associate Provost and Associate VP
422 Administration Building 

Stephanie Nawyn
nawyn@msu.edu, 884-2145
Center for Gender in Global Context
206 International Center

Barbara Roberts
blr@msu.edu, 355-1528
WorkLife Office
118 Linton Hall

June Pierce Youatt
youatt@msu.edu, 355-1524
430 Administration Building