The Provost's Priorities


Provide support for faculty resulting in greater scholarly productivity and instructional effectiveness Recruit and retain a diverse faculty  Create a more supportive work environment  Create a healthier campus community  Create a more positive campus climate  Continue to emphasize the University’s elevating expectations Engage in planning that anticipates opportunities, demands, and resources
Pursue multiple strategies for expanding, enhancing, elevating scholarship Increase competitiveness in key areas  Build academic infrastructure to support emerging work  Build physical infrastructure to support emerging work  Expand research infrastructure that supports emerging work Continue to identify and hold to metrics for improvement Create incentives that support innovation
Pursue multiple strategies for enhancing student success: retention, graduation, achievement Use analytics
to understand
the teaching and learning
Use technology to enhance teaching and learning  Create new models for curriculum and instruction Use the Higher Learning  Commission accreditation process to encourage progress around learning outcomes Continue to look at institutional outcomes and goals Engage in curriculum reform that changes the nature and shape of the educational experience