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Enrollment and Academic Strategic Planning

The Vice Provost of Enrollment and Academic Strategic Planning is a member of the Office of the Provost leadership team tasked with leading and evaluating academic master planning and strategic academic initiatives, as well as providing collaborative leadership in enrollment management and academic services.

Academic Strategic Planning

The academic strategic implementation planning team leads the Office of the Provost efforts to create and maintain an “academic master plan,” created in cascading fashion from the University strategic planning process. Specifically, the office will:

  • Work with campus partners such as associate provosts, deans, chairs, and faculty and academic staff through academic governance to solicit feedback, develop, and update the academic master plan in tandem with national and international trends and University imperatives.
  • Lead the development of processes, systems, and metrics for the continuing assessment of the Academic Master Plan.
  • Monitor and assist colleges and other academic units in their strategic planning efforts.
  • Recommend actions necessary to ensure success in achieving academic master plan imperatives.

Enrollment Management and Academic Services

The enrollment management team works at the intersection of administration and innovation to set enrollment strategy, foster student success, and inform university policy and practice. Through the areas of Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, and University Curriculum Catalog, the office is dedicated to:

  • Emerging as a leader of enrollment services among peer universities.
  • Serving as a model for campus-wide communication and collaboration.
  • Enhancing a culture of high performance and improving the student experience.

Office of the Registrar: This office is responsible for the provision of student record-related services with a pronounced emphasis on academic perspectives, practices, needs, and compliance. The Registrar assures the integrity of academic records and develops sustainable means of tracking the institutional history of academic decisions. The Registrar is dedicated to the maintenance of a high level of service and takes advantage of technological opportunities to further enhance services and information management.

Office of Admissions (OA): This office is responsible for the enrollment/admissions function at MSU, including student-focused technologies. The Executive Director (ED) oversees and manages OA strategy and operations, including high school relations, transfer recruitment and services, international student admissions, campus visit programs, and office operations. The ED plays a key role in determining and implementing admissions policies and practices, taking account of the changing higher education landscape and demographics among potential undergraduate students and demonstrating an awareness of the nature of the students the University aims to attract and graduate. In addition, the office leads campus-wide recruitment efforts for entering first-year and transfer students.

Office of Financial Aid: This office is responsible for comprehensive financial aid programs that award over $1 billion dollars annually to more than 55,000 prospective and continuing students in support of the University’s merit-based and need-based assistance policies. The Office coordinates aid for the entire campus, more than 200 academic programs, as well as supporting almost 300 education abroad programs and student athletes, the latter in compliance with NCAA and Big Ten rules. Specific areas of operation include the processing of student financial aid, financial aid advising, and presentations on related topics.

Office of Accreditation, Assessment, Curriculum, and Compliance: The AACC leads essential work in accreditation and compliance, facilitating campus-wide assessment processes while supporting continuous improvement in curriculum development and design. 

Spartan One-Stop: The Spartan One-Stop is designed to resolve most enrollment or billing account inquiries that arise for students and families. We aim to quickly and conveniently answer your questions so that you can focus on being a student. We will offer services related to student accounts, financial aid, and the registrar via in-person, phone, email, online chat, and the website.

Dave Weatherspoon

Dave Weatherspoon
Vice Provost of Enrollment and Academic Strategic Planning

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