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Academic Resources

Supporting faculty and student success

Faculty and Academic Staff Support

The current Important University Policies for Faculty and Academic Staff document contains information regarding university policies related to teaching, research, and employment at MSU. This is a helpful document pertaining to the ongoing work of faculty and academic staff.

Over the past year we made noteworthy progress in support of improving the campus culture and work environment for all. This included both addressing past misconduct and establishing new efforts to encourage ethical, honorable, and respectful behavior and work environments.

The Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs website provides a number of resources in support of faculty and academic staff.

The Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development works with all faculty, academic staff, and academic administrators at Michigan State University as they join the university, establish professional trajectories, and move through various stages of review, promotion, and growth.

The WorkLife Office website provides comprehensive, "one-stop," information regarding policies, practices, programs, events, and resources pertaining to all aspects of WorkLife at MSU.

The Teaching and Learning Success Strategies website provides a broad range of support for educators. The Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation provides a spectrum of support for MSU's educators to conceptualize learning, teaching, and programmatic opportunities and develop solutions. Use the #iteachmsu Commons to share ideas and questions, connect with educators across MSU, and grow your teaching practice. Visit the Spartans Learn site for access to a culmination of trainings, resources, and professional development opportunities available for free to educators.

The Office of the Provost maintains a religious observance calendar in accordance with the Religious Observance Policy to identify major holidays and reduce scheduling conflicts.

Student Support

The Student Resources page on the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education (APUE) and Dean of Undergraduate Studies website offers a wide range of resources available on campus and online.

The Professional Development and Grad Student Life pages on the Graduate School’s website offer a number of resources specifically for graduate students.

The Students page of the MSU website provides a number of university resources in support of student success, as does the Academic Support area of the Resources area on the Academics page of the MSU website.

The Keep Learning page of the Teaching and Learning Success Strategies website has provided a broad range of support for students during the pandemic.

MSU’s Together We Will site has provided the latest information and updates related to the pandemic, including a page for specifically for Students and Parents.

Policies and Regulations

The MSU Policy Library is the official location for policies and regulations approved by the university’s Board of Trustees, the President, and Executive Officers.

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