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Provost Forums

July 14, 2022
Creating the Future for Michigan Students: Reality, Challenges, and Opportunities  

Summary: This Forum focused on the state of K-12 education in Michigan, with emphasis on students and their learning. Recent reports highlight major shortcomings in overall student performance, as well as concerns about mental health issues. Of course, these student-related concerns are situated within a wider range of issues, including, for example, staffing shortages, the need for alternative career paths to contribute to the strength of the economy, and rural communities without access to broadband. Across the state, there are calls for stakeholders to work together to effect significant transformation.

This Forum addressed this important question: Given the state of elementary and secondary education in the State of Michigan, and especially the reports on student performance as well as mental health concerns, what issues will be facing MSU when today’s elementary and secondary students arrive as undergraduates?