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Break Days Reminder, March 2-3

February 25, 2021

Dear Educators:

I would like to remind everyone that next Tuesday and Wednesday, March 2 and 3, are Break Days on our Academic Calendar for spring semester 2021. These are called Break Days to allow our students and each of you to have a short reprise in the middle of a busy semester. Thank you to every educator who is working so effectively to deliver high-quality course content and is doing so in ways that optimize learning. I know you care about each member of your classes, sections, laboratories, or studios and am grateful that you are accommodating student needs during these two Break Days.

As we indicated last semester, I ask that educators allow students to take a true break from classes and studying with no assigned coursework due on these two days. Additionally, to give students maximal opportunity to take a true break, I ask that exams or major assignments not commence until March 5 or the following week.

March 2 and 3 are also intended as days for educators to take a break and step away from the routine activities of your weekly schedules, and I hope you enjoy these days as well.

Thank you for your attention to honoring next week’s March 2 and 3 Break Days – both in giving our students a true break away from their academic responsibilities, and by giving yourselves some much-deserved time away from your responsibilities as educators.

My best,

Teresa K. Woodruff, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
MSU Foundation Professor