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Provost Woodruff Post-vote Remarks

October 31, 2022

Thank you, Dianne, and thank you to the Board for entrusting me with the honor to work collaboratively in continuing to move Michigan State University forward.


I am appreciative of the long hours each of you dedicate to MSU, and of your steadfast commitment to our great university.

That commitment is shared by all of us in the MSU community.


This shared commitment serves as both a guide and a call – to uphold our values and mission, and to support one another in the pursuit of our daily and long-term goals.


While this is a heavy moment for our institution, I am convinced and confident that together we will persevere and continue to not only uphold but advance our shared mission.


We are in a series of abrupt and difficult transitions, and I want to thank President Stanley for all he has accomplished on behalf of MSU during this unprecedented time of challenge.


His dedicated commitment will have a lasting and transformative impact across the breadth of the university.


Every member of our community, including our Board of Trustees, executive leadership, deans, faculty and academic staff, staff, students, and alumni – plays a significant role in advancing MSU, and will continue to do so.


Together, we will work to build greater trust, affirm transparency, and advance strategic initiatives.


As we undertake this shared work, we will continue to prioritize the cultivation of a safe and inclusive campus community characterized by care and respect for others – to enhance culture, community, and communication.


The Trustees and I are aligned in our support of the university-wide plans: our strategic plan, our DEI plan, and our RVSM plan.


We are also aligned in our belief that the university must continue to improve the effectiveness of investigations and experiences of individuals under our RVSM and anti-discrimination policies. We are working to resolve existing matters and look forward to working collaboratively in this effort.


The expectations of our collaborative roles in support of MSU must be clear, strong, and mutually understood.

In accepting this role as interim president, I also accept the challenges and opportunities that co-exist, and that we will navigate together.


Please know that I stand by all of you – students, faculty and academic staff, staff, alumni, Trustees, and members of our entire Spartan community.


Each of us plays a unique and significant role, and my request is that we be all in for MSU.


I look forward to engaging with you all through an upcoming listening tour, and plan to provide frequent updates on the state of the university.


Together we will navigate our way forward to make all Spartans proud.