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Graduate Student Community Update

February 19, 2023

Dear MSU Graduate Students, 

As we transition back to campus, there are many different forms of support to help graduate students heal from the violence our community experienced last Monday night. In a note to all students, we discussed ways in which we can move forward together. We are seeking empathy and grace and also accommodations for all students, including graduate students. 

Our graduate programs are each unique and graduate courses may require specialized accommodations. We encourage you to work directly with your professors who have been provided flexibility to adjust courses in ways most appropriate for your program. In general, we are asking all instructors to defer major assignments and exams this week and to review syllabi expectations for the remainder of the semester.

The University Committee on Graduate Studies will be meeting early this week to discuss ways in which graduate students can be further supported. We remind you that The Graduate School and the university offer resources that we encourage you to utilize. 

Be good to yourselves, and take care,
Thomas D. Jeitschko (he/him) 
Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs 
Professor of Economics
Pero G. Dagbovie (he/him)
Associate Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
and Dean of the Graduate School