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MSUArts Initiative

Art is Essential: A New Chapter for the Arts at MSU

The MSU Arts Initiative is guided by the belief that the arts are essential to building a campus community that is adaptable, inclusive, collaborative, globally minded and transformative. Weaving the arts into MSU’s missions will lead to innovative practices of discovering, connecting, exploring and remembering. 

  • The aim of the Arts Initiative: To make the arts a fundamental part of the MSU experience by maximizing the impact of our existing arts resources and by creating new opportunities for synergy and engagement.

Going forward, this initiative promises to significantly enhance the MSU educational experience, research endeavor, and campus environment for the benefit of students, faculty, visitors, alumni, and our neighboring communities.

Three Pillars: Integrating the Arts

The educational experience

By including the arts in curricular and co-curricular experiences, we can transform the intellectual and ethical habits of students through a holistic approach to problem solving, an expanded and inclusive sense of place, and an understanding of how curiosity and empathy can drive innovation and change. The arts should be woven integrally into the fabric of an MSU education. MSU 2030 themes: student success; discovery, creativity and innovation for global impact; diversity, equity and inclusion

The research endeavor

Co-discovering and co-creating can drive innovation, open up new ways of knowing, lead to the identification of new problems and issues, and amplify the broader impacts of knowledge generated at MSU. We will design deliberate opportunities for active engagement among the arts and other disciplines. MSU 2030 themes: discovery, creativity and innovation for global impact; diversity, equity and inclusion

Place and community

By rethinking how public art functions on campus, and by creating new forms of engagement for various communities, we can build stronger ties to this place, to one another, and to our neighboring communities. We can provide opportunities for experiencing and making together and enable sustained conversations around difficult and often divisive issues. The arts should be a ubiquitous feature of the campus and the community experience. MSU 2030 themes: student success, faculty and staff success, diversity, equity and inclusion

Media Contact

Judith Stoddart (she/her/hers)
Associate Provost for University Arts and Collections
Wills House, Suite 202
287 Delta Court
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1044
Phone: 517-432-2524