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Academic Strategic Planning: Staff and Faculty Success  

May 12, 2023

Dear Colleagues,  

It has almost been two months to the day since our time together discussing the synergistic phase for advancing proposals. Reaching out to provide a quick follow-up to our last correspondence.  

During the Student Success session on March 13, 2023, there were multiple synergies for advancing proposals and the time did not allow for any conclusions to be met. Therefore a second meeting was conducted on April 17, 2023 for Student Success advancing proposal authors and collaborators to participate in a facilitated discussion to further align efforts specifically for the Student Success strategic pillar.  

The outcome of the discussion as well as other Student Success related initiatives can be reviewed in the attached slide deck for reference purposes.  

The next steps still include refining proposal ideas, however some updates have been made to the refinement outline (attached). It is important to note that the following items still remain the same:  

  • Refined proposals will be reviewed by the University Strategic Planning Executive Sponsors.  
  • Refined proposals will be accepted on a rolling submission cycle.  
  • There will be no deadline for submissions.  
  • Please remember, this is not a competition. This process creates the opportunity for leaders of units and proposals to leverage every asset on our campus to create sustainable implementation plans.  

The planning team is here to facilitate the finalization and implementation of each refined proposal. Therefore, if you have any questions, please reach out to



Dave Weatherspoon, Ph.D.
Associate Provost of Enrollment and Academic Strategic Planning
Professor of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics