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Get Engaged,
Influence the Outcomes

Participation in the academic strategic planning implementation process will greatly shape and influence the work and learning outcomes of our faculty, staff, and students. To that end, we are interested in the personal interests of our broader community. From the individual to the college level, we want to enable people to realize their own goals within the larger academic strategic plan framework. 

The Office of the Provost has solicited input and facilitated collaboration across the entirety of the office’s purview, which includes all colleges and units reporting to an assistant or vice provost and the faculty, academic staff, and support staff within. There has been no requirement to participate in these efforts or attend our summits. We hope that through this transparent process, we gain further momentum across the Office of the Provost in how we move MSU into the future.

How to Participate

Thank you for your interest in moving MSU’s academic mission into a bright future.


Review Advancing Proposals

The review of proposals has made it clear that there are many collaborative opportunities amongst us. The work, enthusiasm, and commitment to bettering our shared community is greatly appreciated. Our unique process has welcomed a wide range of ideas at both the local and global level. The work, energy, insight, and collaboration of the MSU community are all necessary. Each one of you is helping to move forward MSU and to reach the goals of our 2030 vision. 

Proposal Summaries

This endeavor would not be possible without the insight and determination of people across MSU like you.



If you have questions about how to participate in the academic strategic planning process, feel free to email the implementation team at