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2022 Submitted Proposals

In spring 2022, we focused on Phase Two of our roadmap. The Strategic Planning Implementation Team synthesized patterns into Interest Areas that align with the six core themes from the University’s Strategic PlanInterest Areas were our first step in getting specific about the actions and initiatives we will take to implement the strategic plan.

We had a very successful Virtual Proposal Summit in April 2022. Prioritized ideas from the February Idea Summer were created into formal proposals (using the mandatory framework). Our focus for the Virtual Proposal Summit was to provide a space to broadly share the proposal ideas. We continue to be dedicated to valuing and elevating the work of contributors and project leads and we wanted to amplify their proposal ideas during this time together by sharing them with the broader Provost Office community.

Only the submitted proposals are listed. Videos of the presentations within the six themes are available to watch. Please email with any questions.

Proposals within the six themes

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Michigan State is dedicated to providing opportunity through education and building the future of Michigan and the nation with the talent and contributions of individuals from all backgrounds and communities. We will advance equity by eliminating race and ethnicity opportunity gaps across all subgroups of students by 2030. (Read more from the University Strategic Plan.)

Sustainable Health

Michigan State’s approach to advancing health and excellence in health education has consistently focused on people, communities, partnerships and innovative thinking. These themes will continue as we aim to triple National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control funding within five years. (Read more from the University's Strategic Plan)

Watch the 2022 Virtual Proposal Summit presentations

Stewardship & Sustainability

Michigan State is working toward climate neutrality by mid-century, doing our part to address the global climate crisis within our own community and on our own campus. On this journey, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% from our 2010 baseline, eliminating 292,934 metric tons of CO2. (Read more from the University's Strategic Plan)

Innovation & Global Impact

At Michigan State, we pursue excellence in service to the common good, generating new knowledge and applying it in practical ways to address complex societal problems. We will expand our capacity for local and global impact, and by 2030 will reach $1 billion in annual research expenditures, an increase of about $275 million in annual expenditures. (Read more from the University's Strategic Plan)

Student Success

At Michigan State, we believe every student we admit has the ability to succeed and graduate. We feel a sense of urgency to improve graduation rates, because a college degree is the best route to individual opportunity and an educated workforce strengthens Michigan and the nation. By 2030, we will increase the 6-year graduation rate by 5% to 86%. (Read more from the University's Strategic Plan)

Watch the 2022 Virtual Proposal Summit presentations

Staff & Faculty Success

Creating an environment in which excellence and opportunity thrive will attract and keep talent and create conditions where staff and faculty can do their best work, individually and collaboratively. We will seek recognition for the excellence and innovation this culture fosters, pursuing an increase in faculty and staff external awards of 10% per year and a 15% increase by 2030 in the number of recipients of highly prestigious academic awards and national academies members. (Read more from the University's Strategic Plan)