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Academic Strategic Planning Implementation Rubric and Proposal Submission Information

March 22, 2022

Dear Provost Office Community, 
The Proposal Review Committee has gathered and determined a final rubric and submission process for our Academic Strategic Planning Implementation process.  

Rubric & Proposal Submission Process:

Begin building your proposal using the mandatory three-page proposal template. Within this document, you will find specifics on:

What we’re looking for within each proposal

  • An overview of strategic themes
  • Topics to address while building your proposals
  • Questions to ask yourself while building your proposals
  • Due date and submission process details 
  • The mandatory template to follow (page two)
  • The rubric (page three) 

Once you have your proposal built, submit your proposal to the Proposal Review Committee via this Qualtrics link.
The proposal submission form is broken up into three sections:

  1. Authors
  2. Proposal Pitch
  3. Resources

Section two is comprised of the same key questions from the mandatory three-page proposal template. If you have already drafted this information, the submission form will take approximately five minutes to complete. 

Submission deadline: April 11, 2022 by 11:59 p.m. (EST)

Introduction of the Proposal Review Committee

I would like to introduce to you our Proposal Review Committee. These individuals have graciously accepted our invitation to serve on this committee and in an effort to be transparent, we are publicly listing each of the committee members. As you will see, the committee is composed of individuals from across various colleges and units within the Provost’s Office at various levels of employment. We are asking this team to review and provide recommendations to the Provost on the proposals being submitted using the rubric mentioned above (which can be found in the v).

Each committee member was asked to be:

  • Collaborative and connective 
  • Transparent and genuine about progress and obstacles 
  • Inclusive 
  • Dedicated to valuing and elevating the work of contributors and project leads 
  • Assuming of good intentions and meaningful outcomes 

It is because of their intellect, wisdom, experience, and positions within the university, that they were chosen to serve. These individuals will provide a balanced and unbiased view throughout our proposal review process.

Proposal Summit – April 14, 2022

During our time together, we will meet as a group to go over a short welcome and introduction to the day. Following that, we will break out into rooms, specific to each Strategic Plan theme, or pillar. Anyone who has submitted a proposal will then have an opportunity to present a five-minute presentation to the campus community on their proposal. Some strategic pillars will have more presentations than others. We encourage you to attend to hear the great ideas being developed to shape the future and legacy of MSU.
Below you will find each of the required webinar registration links. We encourage you to register for as many of the themes, or pillars, as you are interested in attending. This will allow you to jump back and forth between the various presentations. Please note, all will be recorded.

The presentation schedule will be made available on April 13, 2022. 
Registration deadline: April 11, 2022


If you have any questions about our process moving forward, please do not hesitate to reach out to or by responding to this email. You can also find additional details on how to engage, what our process and timelines look like, and what our final list of interest areas looks like on our website. 
Dave Weatherspoon, Ph.D.
Associate Provost of Enrollment and Academic Strategic Planning
Professor of Agricultural, Food & Resource Economics
Michigan State University